Following the line of arguments

The works of Following the line of arguments focus on the impact of globalization and flexibilization on the world of work. More concrete, our eye was hereby on the shifting of jobs by the company Nokia. The installation enfolds in two video installations and a photographic series.

For the montage of the essay film Strada Fabricii, the concept of flexibility was a reference. The film starts with a narrative that is apparently related to the city of Cluj. It follows the local „Street of the Factory“ from the periphery towards town.

The photographic series shows re-photographed details and images of newspaper archives in Bochum and Cluj.

POI shows a circumambulation of the Nokia plant close to Cluj in form of an Antipanorama. Staying on the road which has been built around the factory, POI is investigating Brecht's statement, wether a picture of a factory can or cannot tell something about the conditions inside.

Project supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds, Centrul Cultural German Cluj- Napoca, Mihai Pop