Republication and translation of the pamphlet Überlegungen beim Abschied von der Dokumentarliteratur / Reflections Upon Saying Farewell to Documentary Literature by the German writer and filmmaker Erika Runge. In her text, Erika Runge enumerates "certain reactions of critics to her book Bottroper Protokolle since they emblematically reflect those recurring tensions: realism versus fiction and imagination, the presence of the author as “I,” the search for a language that can deal with the class struggle, and the (im)possibility of an empathic relationship between the artist and the working class" (Clio Nicastro).

60 pages with b/w and colour images, with a text by Erika Runge, a commentary by Regine Ehleiter and a conversation between Clio Nicastro and titre provisoire, Translation: Ted Fendt, Proofreading: Mandi Gomez, 21 × 29,7 cm, English / German, Publisher: Harun Farocki Institut.

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