Following the line of arguments (2010-2012)

The works of Following the line of arguments focus on the impact of globalization and flexibilization on the world of work. More concrete, our eye was hereby on the shifting of jobs by the company Nokia. Following the line of arguments enfolds in two video installations and a photographic series.

No/Ok. Picture of the invitation card for the exhibition in Cluj

The shifting from North Rhine-Westphalian Bochum to the Transylvanian city Cluj was announced by Nokia in early 2008. High wages and general high level of costs were cited as reasons. On Nokia's decision followed a strong reaction of workers, medias and politics, right up to a boycott of Nokia products by the german population. It was announced that the company had completed the 2007 fiscal year with record profits of 7.2 billion euros. The reactions did not influence the course of events.

During a residency in Cluj, we were able to get in contact with the local situation. In analysis of the concept of flexibility, we draw closer to the topic over the relation of text, voice and aphonia to image and montage, photography and installation. While working on the film Strada Fabricii, the closure of the factory in Cluj was announced. A new plant was announced to be planned in Hanoi.

Project supported by Stiftung Kunstfonds, Centrul Cultural German Cluj- Napoca, Mihai Pop.

POI shows a circumambulation of the Nokia plant in Jucu in form of an Antipanorama, related to the facts that it’s not allowed to film or take photographs inside the factory, and that a worker could loose the job after talking to journalists. Staying on the road which has been built around the factory, POI is questioning Brecht's statement, wether a picture of a factory can tell something about the conditions inside. For the projection, a temporary wall has been built out of simple material. Its construction is a visible part of the installation in the room.

Behind the wall, as a marginal note, the essay film Strada Fabricii is shown. For the montage, the concept of flexibility was applied on the medium of film. The film starts with a narrative that is apparently related to the city of Cluj: we follow Strada Fabricii, the Street of the Factory, from the periphery towards town. It takes its origin in Bulevardul Muncii, the Boulevard of Labour.

POI projection, frontal (Galeria Plan B Cluj, 2011)

POI (film still)

POI projection, backside (Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2012)

Strada Fabricii (Flottmann-Hallen Herne, 2012)

Strada Fabricii (film still)


Photographic series Ohne Titel (2012):
Fine art prints, B/W inverted, ca. 86 cm x 62 cm

Rephotographed images from newspaper archives in Bochum and Cluj.

Ohne Titel (Flottmann-Hallen Herne, 2012)

Detail from the series Ohne Titel


Watch excerpts of the films:  POI  |  Strada Fabricii